The Notebook (2004)

The Notebook (2004) BRRip 720p x264 Dual Audio [Eng DD 5.1-Hindi][1GB]

Title: The Notebook
Year: 2004
Runtime: 123 minutes
Votes: 437149
Rating: 7.9/10
Language: English
Country: USA
All Genres: Drama, Romance

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In a modern nursing home, an elderly Duke reads a romance story from his notebook to a sick companion.
In 1940, after seeing Noah Calhoun at Carnival and falling in love in the summer at Savebrook Island, South Carolina, he was targeted by 17-year-old heir Alison “Eli” Hamilton. Noah took Eli to an abandoned house she intended to buy for him. They try to make love, but are interrupted by Noah’s friend Art, with the news that Eli’s parents have the police who are looking for him.
When Eli and Noah returned to their parents’ home, Eli’s mother Ann called Noah to the trash and forbade him to look. Noah left and Eli followed him. In a conversation between the two heads the next morning, Ann announced that the family was returning to Charleston. Eli tries to contact Noah, but can’t find him, then asks Art to tell Noah that he loves her. When Noah received this message, he went to Eli’s house, only to find an empty house.
Noah wrote to Eli every day for a year, but Ann interrupts these letters and she never reaches Eli. Noah joined Art to fight in World War II, where Art was killed in battle. Eli volunteers at a hospital for wounded soldiers, where she meets Agent Lone Hammond Jr., a young lawyer who comes from Old South Money. The couple got engaged in the delight of Ali’s parents. When Noah returned from the war, his father sold his house so that Noah could buy a house to live in. On his way to Charleston, Noah helped Eli and Lone kiss at a restaurant. She is convinced that if she restores the house, Eli will return to her. Eli is surprised to read in the newspaper that Noah completed the house according to the explanations given years ago.

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