Scissor Seven: Season 2 [Dual Audio] [English + Chinese]

Scissor Seven: Season 2 Web-DL 720p [Dual Audio] [English Dubbed & Chinese] ESubs [Netflix Anime Series]

Download Scissor Seven: Season 2 (English Dubbed) Complete (HD 720p ) Dual Audio [Netflix Anime Series].
(Killer 7 S02 | Netflix) All Episodes [ Chinese & English ] 2020 TV Series Free on KatMovieHD.

Scissor Seven (Season 2) Dual Audio [ Chinese 5.1 – English ] 480p 720p HDRip | Scissor Seven Netflix Anime Series

Scissor Seven S02 | Netflix

Series Name: Scissor Seven (Season 2)

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Quality: 720p (HD)

No of Episodes: 10

Language: English Dubbed & Chinese
Stars: Jiang Guangtao, Duan Yixuan, He Xiaofeng

Genres: Animation | Action | Fantasy

Scissor Seven (AKA Killer 7 in China) is a Chinese animated series by Netflix,
Both Season Now Available on KatMovieHD.

: Screen-Shots :

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Scissor Seven: Season 2 (Dual Audio) All Episodes | S02 Netflix Series!

E01 720p  | G-Drive

E02 720p  | G-Drive

E03 720p  | G-Drive

E04 720p  | G-Drive

E05 720p  | G-Drive

E06 720p  | G-Drive

E07 720p  | G-Drive

E08 720p  | G-Drive

E09 720p  | G-Drive

E10 720p  | G-Drive

Scissor Seven 2020 S02 | Official Trailer | Netflix – KatMovieHD

Scissor Seven: Season 2 (2020) – Storyline:

Seven is preparing for a date with thirteen. If he gets caught in a trap, he can find a way out of bonding by channeling his tonsorial qi. In the past, Seven joins the Shadow Killers, battles Redtooth, and searches for the Thousand Demon Daggers. Redtooth comes to the island to confront Chairman Jiang, who uses seven to activate the mighty white lily bloom. Seven reconnects with his old self, but to defeat the blood demon, he must use the power of the Xuanwu martial arts – and the hairdresser in it.

Scissor Seven (Season 2) Further information:

Scissor Seven S02 English Full 720p HDRip Dual Audio [Chinese 5.1 – English] “Scissor Seven”, the first Chinese cartoon series to debut as a Netflix original. Produced by AHA Entertainment and Sharefun Studio (original title: “Killer Seven”).

Scissor Seven: Season 2 2020 ‘: TV Review:

Anime filled with humour in Mo-Lei-Tau style. Colour full of equally great style and sometimes even kiddish art, great break from Japanese anime styles. It’s just an intrigue for every episode and has never made such an anime with a blissful smile World of Assassins. I can’t wait to see season three. Each episode is epic with a development that is close to your heart. Anime lovers should definitely try this without hesitation and please see it in Mandarin so you don’t lose the slapstick humor. Would definitely be remembered as one of the greatest action anime.

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