Atlantic Rim 2013


Atlantic Rim 2013 x264 720p BluRay Eng Subs [Hindi ORG. DD 2.0] Exclusive By DREDD

Atlantic Rim 2013 x264 720p BluRay Eng Subs [Hindi ORG. DD 2.0] Exclusive By DREDD

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Atlantic Rim
2013 ‧ Action/Mockbuster ‧ 1h 25m
When giant sea monsters begin wreaking havoc in the Atlantic Ocean, authorities send three robots piloted by humans to eliminate them and protect the East Coast.
Initial release: 9 July 2013
Director: Jared Cohn
Budget: 500,000 USD
Production company: The Asylum
Music director: Chris Ridenhour

 Atlantic Rim 2013 x264 720p BluRay Eng Subs [Hindi ORG. DD 2.0] Exclusive By DREDD

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Atlantic Rim (also known as Attack from Beneath, Attack from the Atlantic Rim, and From the Sea) is a 2013 American science fiction monster film produced by The Asylum and directed by Jared Cohn. Filmed in Pensacola, Florida, [2] the film stars Graham Greene, David Chokachi, Treach, and Jackie Moore. [1] [3] [4]

The film was released directly to DVD on June 24, 2013 in the United Kingdom [5] and on July 9 in the United States. In the tradition of the catalogue of The Asylum, Atlantic Rim is a simulation of the movie Warner Bros. Pictures / Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim, after the mysterious disappearance of an oil platform and a mini reconnaissance submarine in the Gulf of Mexico, begins the scientist Dr. Margaret Adams The Armada Program, which consists of giant robots designed for deepwater rescue. The three robots, piloted by Red, Tracy and Jim, dive nearly 800 fathoms into the seafloor, where they not only discover the wrecked wreckage of the oil rig, but encounter the monster that downed it. Red chases the monster against Admiral Hadley’s orders, prompting the admiral to order each naval fleet on the east coast to converge on the oil rig site. Red emerges on a beach to warn passersby to leave the premises for his safety when the monster suddenly attacks him from behind as his fight strikes the city. An F-18 Hornet piloted by Spitfire helps Red take down the monster. Red, however, is arrested for disobeying a direct order. He is locked in solitary confinement until Admiral Hadley briefly releases him and then awards him a medal of honor for his heroic actions before completing the rest of his confinement.

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