[18+] Melissa P. (2005)

[18+] Melissa P. (2005) x264 ESubs [Italian][1080p][1GB]

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Melissa is a shy 15-year-old who lives with her mother Daria and grandmother Elvira, while her father works abroad on an oil platform. He has a close relationship with his grandmother but feels increasingly distant from his mother. On a summer afternoon, Melissa and her best friend Manuela participate in a pool party at the home of Daniele, a rich and attractive schoolboy, on whom Melissa had a crush on for a year. Daniele takes Melissa to a secluded place, where they talk for a while before he makes her have oral sex with him. Despite the far from the romantic encounter, Melissa’s crush on Daniele intensifies.
After unsuccessful attempts to attract Daniele’s attention, Melissa goes to a bar where she goes out with her friends. Daniele then takes Melissa to her place and she loses her virginity with him. She tells him she loves him, but he coldly rejects her. Humiliated, Melissa promises never to let anyone hurt her again and to think only of her own pleasure.
Melissa’s parents decide that it’s better to send Elvira to a nursing home because of her heart condition, which further carries a wedge between Melissa and her mother. When Elvira returns home for Christmas, she feels that Melissa is going through a difficult time and tries to alert Daria, who is completely unaware.

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