18+ Lustful Gisaeng 2017

18+ Lustful Gisaeng 2017 720p HDrip 660MB Adult Korean Movie AKA 음란 기생

18+ Lustful Gisaeng 2017 720p HDrip 660MB Adult Korean Movie AKA 음란 기생

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Lustful Gisaeng (Movie – 2017)  음란 기생 (eum-ran gi-saeng)

Directed by Kim Tae-soo (김태수)

•Erotic •Melodrama •Romance

Release date in South Korea: 2017/06/22

A Joseon gisaeng time travels to 2017 Seoul.

In 1513, a new Sato will be appointed at a local town. The Gentiles are to be seen by Sato, It puts “Myeolwol”, the hottest parasitic of the day, into the room of Sato. Sato falls as soon as he sees the moonlight People start to spend such a hot night, and Sato, who is so culminated, Do different fate.

In the end, Myeongwol is confined to prison for the slaughter of Sato, and the next day he is to receive a trial. Such a moonlight is unfortunate to God. I pray that I will appeal and I will pray … At this time, with the flashing light, the moonlight will disappear somewhere. It will fall to Seoul in 2017 through im slip

18+ Lustful Gisaeng 2017 720p HDRip 660MB

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When “Misaeng Moon, who seized the Joseon Dynasty, fell to Seoul in 2017”, in 1513, a new Sato took over from a local village. In order to be seen well by Sato, the room calls this village a tradition and pushes the hottest parasitic “Myeongwol” into Sato’s room. As soon as Saor sees Myeongwol, they fall in love, and the two begin to spend such a hot night, and Saor, who has reached such a peak, stops at Myeongwol and dies as a lottery. Eventually, Myeongwol is imprisoned for killing Sato, and decides to take the next day’s testimony. Such a my eongwol appeals to God for regret and prays earnestly. At this time, along with the flashing lights, Myeongwol disappears somewhere, and through time slip, it falls to Seoul in 2017…

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