Chaos 2005

Chaos 2005 720p x264 Esub BluRay Dual Audio [English-Hindi]


Seattle detective Quentin Connors (Jason Statum) and his accomplice Jason York were taken hostage by John Curtis, also known as Carten. Connors has been suspended and fired in York after a fellow police officer, Kalu (John Cassini), testified against him. In fact, New York tried to shoot John, but accidentally killed the hostage. John returned fire, but Connors defended John in self-defense.

Shortly afterwards, Lawrence (Wesley Snaps) and four other criminals were taken hostage in a bank. Lawrence has only one request, he should talk to the partners. Partners have been reinstated but have been placed under the care of a new colleague of recent graduate Shane Decker (Ryan Felipe). The partners are given the power to negotiate and, after shooting a cashier, he orders the Swat unit to cut off power to the building. During an explosion, the perpetrators fled in panic and chaos.

Decker and Connors learn more from each other at a local dinner, gradually becoming friends, but Decker denies Connors’ “cowboy police” methods. Decker explained that during the negotiations, Lawrence was making many secret references to the theory of chaos. When they go to check on the new evidence, Connors pays with a ten dollar bill and says he doesn’t like to tip-toe. Decker trades his ten to twenty ten. A camera captured a photo of one of the perpetrators, who was arrested along with his girlfriend at his home, where there are perfume notes marking evidence gathered by police. Note: The serial numbers did not come because of the robbery that day, but were kept in a police warehouse and were signed by Calloway two weeks earlier. He was shot dead in his home, along with controversial evidence linked to the robbery.

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